CSIR-SERC Develops Easy-to-Assemble Toilet

Post Date : 15/06/2017

CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Chennai, has come up with a cost-effective toilet. The toilet is expected to be set up in those areas where toilet coverage is not available.
The cost-effective toilet will weigh less than 500kg and will have a life span of 25-30 years. It can be assembled in under five hours. The toilet has been built with the help of the textile reinforced concrete (TRC) panels. The TRC panels has been developed by CSIR-SERC using textile reinforced concrete prototyping technology (TRCPT). CSIR-SERC had applied patent for this innovative all-in-one technology in 2014. The same TRC panels can be used as doors, roofing, walls and even flooring. There is no need of any moulds to prepare these sheets. These sheets vary in thickness from 15mm to 25mm. The reinforcement makes use of glass textile mesh with a grained cementious binder. This will be corrosion-free and is capable of withstanding winds.
CSIR is an autonomous body and India’s premier research and development (R&D) organisation. It was established in 1942. It operates as an autonomous body registered under the Registration of Societies Act of 1860. It is mainly funded by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology. CSIR’s R&D activities include aerospace engineering, ocean sciences, structural engineering, metallurgy, life sciences, chemicals, mining, food, petroleum, leather, and environment. CSIR-SERC is one of the national laboratories under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) situated at Chennai. The laboratory has built expertise in analysis, design and testing of structures and structural components. Its services are sought by the union, state as well as the public and private sector undertakings.

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